On this page you can explore our list of the finest foods and best ingredients in our catalogue of fresh products.

Our yacht provisioning list prides itself on having the best of international products and ingredients you will find. You can even download our catalogue of products to browse at your leisure.

Fresh products shipped from France
three times a week.
What do we have in Stock?


Dairy products are considered to be basic nutrients throughout the world. We work with the best international cheesemaker.


Magnificent meats and the finest fish deserve to be supported by the best accompaniments.


Our partner in fruit and vegetables with feeling and passion for their products. When it comes to global import and export of the entire range of traditional and more exotic fruit and vegetables, we bring continents together by working with well trained inspectors, corresponding certificates, quality labels and track- and trace systems. We strive for the best possible products available.


St Barths Provisioning has been a traditional high quality supplier working together with the best butchers with experience. Together we take care of tailor-made deliveries. We consider the professional selection, preparation and distribution of our meat to be an art. It is our mission to offer meat of a constant high quality to chefs who believe and share our philosophy.


In our opinion there is no better feeling than cutting through the water with the bow of your yacht sailing. To capture this feeling we have to treat the ocean as we do our yachts: with love and care. That is why St Barths Provisioning supplies the best fish from the best fishermen all over the world. St Barths Provisioning strongly recommends fish that is in season: quality before quantity. The advantages of placing an order with St Barths Provisioning are simple: we work with fishermen with over 120 years of experience. Fishing nowadays is all about innovation. Better techniques, better results and last but not least: an environmentally friendly system.